353740-262350-thumbnail.jpgWelcome to this website, and to The World Wide Web of Windrim!
Our aim is to help gather and sort out the history and the migrations of our family, as well as to present it, and an accurate family tree here.

To establish the origin, and history of this family name, we need to gather and arrange details, and to display a family tree.
We feel that the best way to absorb and display family tree data is to use genealogy software, hosted on this site.
Later, we hope to have the site set up so that there will be a PROVISIONAL family tree, to which people can write entries.
There will also be an ESTABLISHED family tree, which will be modified by the authors, based on best evidence provided by readers. This established version will be read-only

The name Windrim thus far seems to have originated in the North of Ireland, - possibly Scotland before that, and then migrated to Canada, the U.S., and Australia.
The earliest Windrim reference we've come across relates to a  Johne Windrim in the Borders region of Scotland in 1667.

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